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29 August 2009 @ 05:43 pm
And this is the first time I've updated in ages. Any Capstarians seeing this, in general this was supposed to be my fandom journal, where I'd go on communities and publish fics/art here and whatnot. Ended up basically only using this for Capstara (which I should go back on...). So if you wanna add ME (if you care anymore) I'm normally at summoner_lenne9 .

As for this, I finally wrote another fanfiction! ... Yayyy! Found it while procastinating at school in the library when I had work to do and instead went, I'M GONNA GO RIFT THROUGH THE FANFICTION I'VE WRITTEN :D. Found a LOT of other things I need to continue, but, in the meantime, enjoy this little random bit of Crazy-River (if, you know, anyone even is gonna read this from here, which I doubt...) that took me far too long and I am FAR too proud of :).

And lj is being stupid with me with cutting this, so, sorry....

Characters: River
Warnings: Disturbing imagery and Crazy River is Crazy


River is the ship, and the ship is River. She always was, from the moment that she set foot in the star-borne vessel, and its gray walls sang of stars and guns and vagrants. Collapse )



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23 February 2008 @ 01:10 am
I need to go and scan and piece together The Black Sisters, and finish other REAL work, and stuff... Oh. Well.

I added The Sorting Hat onto her btw (an arrangement of freckles) try and spot it. (Wasn't correct with the amount of freckles, but whatever.)
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I've decided to keep all writing-related rants over here, because I endlessly worry about annoying friends at my other lj with them. This sorta confirms that no one will read them for SURE, but still.

Anyway, I'm getting started with writing a fic about First Year Sirius going back home to GP for the first time since becoming a Gyffindor. In short- not pretty. And I have Andromeda being the only one sticking up for him, *and this is sorta just an exsuce to write Insane Bella! Because, you know, I ADORE her* but I'm running into a problem.

Andromeda is firmly a Ravenclaw in my mind.

I have my reasons for this- one of the main ones being a line from Teddy Lupin and the Forest Guard (a Fernwithy fic, because I'm me) where she says something along the lines of "I was not an enemy, but not a hero. I left for love, and had my family." Or something. And the funny thing is, in Fern! Verse, Andromeda's a Gyrfinddor *I REALLY can't spell that off the top of my head. I keep trying!* But, that seemed to scream to me of a Ravenclaw- she's not evil, at all, but she's not a hero. She's not her daughter. She's not going to go and fight in this war when she has a small baby at home.

But canonically, thanks to Slughorn's comment, its pretty much canon that Andromeda is a Slytherin.

Its not that Slytherin's CAN'T be good, but I don't tend to THINK of them as such. Yes, we have the example of Snape, but I don't think Snape was as amazing or brave as the books and fans go on he is. I think he was a weak man honestly. Just like I got annoyed at Tonks in HBP for being a love-sick fool (And all I can do is not take it at face value, is give her deeper dilemas and such, because if it is just simply "He won't love you so you're gonna go mope about, but when he does be with you- no , matter how visibly depressed HE is, you're gonna be all TEE HEE HEE!" This is something that ignored me, significantly, and I've given it the reason that- she's putting on a face because I think the previous year taught her that being sad and crying over it DOESN'T make it better, so I think she decided to smile and be happy until he got over his post-marriage doubts. She's not stupid. I have to give it this reason, because it instead becomes She's Just Stupid And Selfish.)

Anyway, Snape came across to me as selfish and needy. Yes, he came back for love, but like Dumbledore said, he didn't even care about James or Harry- just Lily. This doesn't seem like a great man to me, a man of great moral character- it seems like a man with an obsession. He did good of course, for the sake of that obsession, but I still don't think it should be put on as high a platform as, say, a boy who will willing walk to his death for the sake of everyone else in the world. Love for humanity verse an obsession over one person.

So, the Slytherings aren't all bad, but they aren't very GOOD either. And I LIKE Andromeda. But I can't ignore canon. It's like people writing R/T Au stories- same as everything, they just aren't dead. And I even read one at the metamorfic_moon Winter Advent challenge I adore more than I can POSSIBLY explain. But it seems childish and cheap to me. It seems like a- NAH NAH NAH THEY DIDN'T DIE SO SHUT UP! Sorta thing, because they're the easiest characters to dismiss the death of (having died at the end.) Of course, I don't completly blame them- their death gives us VERY little breathing room to work their relationship into, and there's only so many times you can rewrite their first kiss in OOTP. Naturally, the next prgoression is -next-, and most of thse authors have been in this fandom 2, if not 4, years longer than I have. They're sick of the canon available to them.

And yet- still, it's wrong. James and Lily living would disrupt the entire Potter verse by definition, so it probably doesn't work very well. Sameish with Sirius, though I'm sure people have done it. But with R/T? They die in the last 100 pages! And it's just mentioned "Oh, and they're dead." For still? It seems cheap to me.

What's the main argument against Remus/Sirius? We have canon proof Remus is straight, therefor Sirius cannot be his One True Love! You can twist it around to whatever you want with Tonks morphing into Sirius and what-not, you know you're stretching it. However, how are we then any better to go "Oh, well, they're not dead!" By that line of reasoning, we simply don't accept canon. So by that line of reasoning, why should anything canonical so far affect it?

So I'm not one to ignore canon, ever. Even if it annoys me. Do I WANT R/t to live and have lottsa kids and have Teddy not be an orphan? DUH. But I can't accept it.

So I can't accept Andromeda being a Ravenclaw, when I KNOW canonically she was a Slytherin.

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12 February 2008 @ 08:51 pm
I originally wrote this up on my other journal, but since it's completly fic related, I decided to post it here. I'm hesitant on that- I sorta wanted to keep from spamming this journal up- but, you know... that's what I do. I spam. So, opps.

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11 February 2008 @ 10:41 pm
Can I mention how ANNOYING it is to have to manually go through my entire story AGAIN once I post it to re-do italics? I wish copy-and-paste would just carry it over, though it DOES allow me another quick check through to catch any more typos I somehow missed on the initial edit, which IS needed. But it's 11 at night and I'm feeling sick and didn't do any homework- of course- so ya.

: This has no point. This has no real plot. It is once again an attack of my writer's block only showing me useless little scenes. I WAS rather found of this- and it might just be the late hour speaking, since I was worried about Whom when I originally posted it and LORD knows I adore that thing now, even though oddly I can't look at it, but it seems... stupid to me. Uselessly long (it more than doubled length in the editing process, as Tonks decided she needed to daydream away, and one notion in particular I repeated twice barely a paragraph apart but I'm too tired to smartly edit it out, so it remains, like that paragraph of doom over in What You Make Of It and its child over in Whom. But not that badly.) and it feels out of character to me. Not in any real definable way, the tricky out of character that isn't, something that's necessarily blatantly WRONG, but small things that just doesn't seem to BE the character. Remus is not particularly easy for me to write somehow, even though I understand him wonderfully. And the ending doesn't seem to fit, but I saw it as happening and wanted to write it down that way, though maybe I should just cut the last two sentences and laugh to myself knowing she's about to do a faceplant.

(My Tonks is perhaps more clumsy than should be allowed. But oddly, my favorite R/T fic I've written does not have her fall once... but she's pregnant there and I don't want to hurt poor Teddy anymore than he is.. Tangent again.)

But it's late. And I want sleep. And I don't have the heart to widdle it down. So it is what it is. Not really that anyone here on LJ will read it, but still. And it probably needs to be Britpicked.

Title: Change in Pace
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks
Rating: PG13 for slightly smutty daydreaming
Wordcount: 3465
Summary: Nothing like a good sleep-deprived haze to awaken you to the facts of life. At 1:31 A.M. on October 10th Dora Tonks finds out one of the most important facts of her life. And promptly freaks out. And trips, and passes out. As if life.
Warnings: Plotless, needs to be Britpicked, probably goes on too long, and Tonks goes off into random tangents of daydreams. And cliques up the wall. I mentioned I was in a writing block, right?

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I need to start putting up all my finished fics- It's admittingly not very much since I deleted all my older stuff, and lord knows I never FINISH anything- but in honor of a new journal, I decided to write a little ficlet! *The only things I can ever finish usually*. I've been so enamored with Remus/Tonks lately I've completely forgotten that Luna is my favorite character. A fic was of course needed, especially in honor of my icon, which I believe sums up life quiet well. There's no great point to this, its not particularly memorable, but oh well. This is for you Nebulia, since you're the only person watching this journal as of now :P. (At that, how's this for a crack couple? Sirius/Luna? I COULD SO MAKE IT WORK!)

Title: Awfully Silly
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood
Rating: PG
Summary: If Luna could concentrate for more than a few moments at a time she could perhaps see what is right in front of her.
Warnings:... I may or may not have unintentionally let me feelings for all of HBP come out through Luna :). No really, nothing. This is as innocent as they come.

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01 January 2008 @ 08:07 pm
So, I finally made a writing/art journal! Since I'm hoping for this to more structured than my summoner_lenne9 account (where I... tend to rant... alot...) I'll try to have correct tags and such.

Can't... really promise it completly though.

I'll start uploading fics and art here, just for the reference. In case I ever become amazing and known some day *rolls eyes*. Oh well, a girl can dream.

Um. Ya!
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